Finding Hope - A Film by Diane Namm
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Moly Quinn - Esmee - Finding HopeEsmee Johnson (Molly Quinn): Esmee’s seen, heard and experienced things that no child ever should; forced to become the Rev’s sixth wife when she was just 13, she does what she must to stay alive. Esmee will not give in or give up.

Molly Quinn was born in Texarkana, Texas. After performing in the community show of The Nutcracker at age six, she began taking weekly acting lessons from retired director/producer Martin Beck. She auditioned at the Young Actors Studio in the 6th grade and after six months of intensive training, Quinn signed a contract with the Osbrink agency. Subsequently, she appeared as the Teenage Girl in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, followed by playing Esmee Johnson in The Sacrifice, written and directed by Diane Namm, a character she plays again three years later in Finding Hope. Other recent work includes A Christmas Carol, Avalon High and the role of "Alexis Castle" in the ABC television series Castle.

Rev. Ezra Dobbins (Chris Mulkey) A charismatic leader of a splinter polygamy sect called the Guardians of the Light. Head of the profitable Dobbins Fence Co. (D-Fence) with a number of ongoing military contracts, he’s seductive, charming and volatile.

Chris Mulkey has been in over 70 movies, 25 plays, 80 television shows, and even a couple of commercials. Appearing on some of television's most watched episodes, as ex-con Hank Jennings on fan favorite, Twin Peaks, to his portrayal in HBO's acclaimed series, Boardwalk Empire, as well as many, many TV guest appearances and the various film roles, Mulkey’s handsomely, weathered look is unforgettable. He returns to the role of Reverend Dobbins after first bringing the character to screen in the short film, The Sacrifice.  Chris is also an established musician, performing and recording with his band.

Sheriff Avery (Richard Riehle): Brother to the Rev’s first wife, Beatrice. He’s local law enforcement, but answers to the Rev first and only. Despite his years of devotion to both Beatrice and Rev, Avery’s begun to question the Rev’s methods and motives.

Richard Riehle has had extensive experience as a stage actor, as well as teaching acting, and made his debut on Broadway in 1986 with Execution of Justice. One of his major triumphs in the theatre has been alongside Kevin Spacey in the acclaimed 1999 revival of O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh. However, ever since his cameo as the “Quartermaster” in 1989's Glory, with his trademark bushy mustache and heavyset frame, Richard has become one of the best and busiest character actors working on over 240 features and television shows. He returns to the role of Sheriff Avery in Finding Hope, a role he first played three years before in The Sacrifice.

Finding Hope the Movie - James MorrisonUS Attorney Peter Gwynn (James Morrison) Sitting in a political hotseat, Gwynn has reasons for not wanting to pursue an investigation into the Rev's compound. But he’s torn between his personal feelings for Lani, his professional ambitions and his conscience.

James Morrison a filmmaker, playwright, poet, actor, singer/songwriter and yoga teacher. Born in Utah and raised in Alaska, he began his acting career as a clown and wirewalker for the Carson and Barnes Wild Animal Circus and served his theatrical apprenticeship with the Alaska Repertory Theatre. Since then, he has appeared at some of America's foremost theatres. He is the recipient of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Performance and three Drama-Logue Awards. Feature Film roles include Catch Me If You Can, The One, Falling Down and Jarhead. On television, he has had recurring roles on HawthoRNe and Private Practice and many numerous episodic assignments, but may be best known as "Bill Buchanan" in four seasons of the Emmy award-winning 24.

Finding Hope the Movie - Kristen DaltonFBI Agent Lani Morgan (Kristen Dalton): Loretta's sister and a runaway from the Rev’s compound, rescuing Esmee and bringing the Rev to justice is personal. Her former partner and ex-husband Rafe Ferrara knows how important this is to her.

Kristen Dalton appeared as Jack Nicholson's girlfriend "Gwen" in The Departed.  Other feature film roles include Tango & Cash and A Night at the Roxbury. She has guest starred in over 20 television shows: including Beverly Hills 90210; Murder, She Wrote; Diagnosis Murder; Sliders; Stargate SG-1and CSI: NY; but she is perhaps best known for her role as reporter "Dana Bright" in USA Network's The Dead Zone. Television movies include Danielle Steel's Family Album, They Nest, Surviving Gilligan's Island, Babysitter Wanted and Gleason.

Finding Hope the Movie - Kristen DaltonLoretta Johnson (Darby Stanchfield): Esmee’s mother, willing to sacrifice her own life in the attempt to keep Esmee safe from the Rev. To rescue Esmee, Loretta had initiated contact with her sister, Lani, who’d run away years before rather than become one of Rev’s wives.

Darby Stanchfield was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska, moved to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands, and later, Mercer Island, near Seattle. Her father was a commercial crab fisherman. She graduated from the University of Puget Sound and later went to the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. 
Her extensive television credits include recurring roles as Amelia Joffe on General Hospital, April Green on Jericho, Helen Bishop on Mad Men and Shannon Gibbs on NCIS. She has played Molly Quinn’s mother, not only inThe Sacrifice and Finding Hope, but also in the TV series Castle.

Finding Hope the Movie - Jon LindstromWalter Johnson (Jon Lindstrom): Esmee’s father, the compound doctor, crippled by a recent car accident when he tried to drive Esmee and Loretta to safety, did his best to resist Esmee’s abduction.

Jon Lindstrom’s extensive television experience includes long running roles on the daytime ABC dramas Port Charles and General Hospital and in 2010 the Emmy-nominated lead actor role in CBS’s As the World Turns. Lindstrom was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from the University of Oregon, he moved to Los Angeles and has worked successfully both in front and behind the camera. Jon was the first actor to join the director’s program at ABC Daytime, and has since directed for both ABC and CBS. Other acting credits include extensive guest roles for television and film credits including, Must Love Dogs, Fall From Grace, Listen to Me. Music has also played a role in his creative and professional life, as a lifelong drummer, Jon performs and records with his band The High Lonesome.

Finding Hope the Movie - Karen LandryBeatrice Dobbins (Karen Landry): Rev’s first wife. She didn’t bargain for a polygamous household when she fell in love and married Ezra 30 years ago. She loves him too much to resist whatever he wants or needs, but her kind heart moves her to try to protect the younger members of the household against Rev’s cruelty.

Karen Landry may be best known for the role of Myra White on St. Elsewhere, other television credits include Justified, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Six Feet Under, and Beverly Hills 90210. Feature film roles include Peaceful Warrior, Sweetland, Heartbreak Hotel, and Patti Rocks, which she also co-wrote with her husband Chris Mulkey, nominated for an independent Spirit Award in 1988.

Finding Hope the Movie - Christine EliseAlma Dobbins (Christine Elise): Rev’s fifth wife. Divorced with three sons, she came to the compound willingly, trading freedom for financial security - and intending to take over the household from the other wives. She was the Rev’s favorite before Esmee arrived.

Christine Elise, originally from Boston, has been acting professionally for over 22 years. Her extensive television credits include Beverly Hills 90210, ER, HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me, Law & Order: SVU, China Beach and In the Heat of the Night. Feature film credits include Prom, Vanishing Point, Defenseless, Boiling Point, Bodysnatchers and Child’s Play 2, and many independent film projects like Route 30 and Mojave Phone Booth. Now using her full name, Christine Elise McCarthy, she has written and directed her first short film, Bathing & the Single Girl, after her success as a writer on Beverly Hills 90210 and an original pilot optioned by Aaron Spelling. Christine continues to appear in Los Angeles comedy theaters including the Upright Citizens Brigade and Naked Angels.

Finding Hope the Movie - Mackenzie SmithElla Dobbins (Mackenzie Smith): Esmee’s niece and half-sister, as Rev is her father as well as her husband, Ella adores Esmee, shadowing her whenever she can. She’s far more aware of what’s going on than anyone realizes. And a day doesn’t go by when she doesn’t miss her mother, who died mysteriously.

Mackenzie Brooke Smith was born in Florida and from the beginning demonstrated a great ability to entertain and perform. At four, she booked her first commercial in Texas. In 2006, her family made the move to California and Mackenzie has consistently been busy. She may be best known for her role as "Savannah Weaver" on the TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Other television credits include Desperate Housewives, Pushing Daises, The Middle, and dozens of commercials. She has also appeared in the films, Growth, Four Christmases and National Treasure 2. Mackenzie is also represented by the prestigious Ford Modeling agency and can be seen in many print ads.

Finding Hope the Movie - Ray AbruzzoRafe Ferrara (Ray Abruzzo): Undercover cop/bus driver investigating the runaway/trafficking operation that Shark coordinates. It’s no coincidence that he’s working this bus route, though. He knows that runaway girls from polygamy compounds are recent targets for Shark’s operation - and because of Lani Morgan, Rafe has a special interest in the Rev's compound.

Ray Abruzzo may be best known as "Little" Carmine Lupertazzi in The Sopranos, but other regular television appearances include police sergeant John Zorelli in Dynasty, and "Detective Michael McGuire" in The Practice. Other TV credits include, Falcon Crest, Murder She Wrote, L.A. Law, House, M.D., Night Court, NYPD Blue, Lois and Clark, Law & Order, The Nanny, and CSI:Miami. Film credits include Last Gamble, The Death of Socrates (as Callias), House of Sand and Fog and the award-winning short film, directed by Diane Namm, Telemafia. He recently was seen on the Pasadena Playhouse stage in the play, Mauritius, written by Theresa Rebeck.

Finding Hope the Movie - Andy MackenzieJem (Andy Mackenzie): Raised in the compound, groomed to be the Rev’s special "head of security," Jem steps out into the world to accomplish what Sheriff Avery can’t. Runaways are a problem for Rev - and it’s up to Jem to make sure no one gets far, or talks about what happens in the compound.

Andy Mackenzie, the son of television director/actor Will Mackenzie, originally had no plans to follow his father into acting. A musician first, he played drums with the band, Smackjacket in the 90’s and still plays in the LA band, 33degree. However, in the last ten years Mackenzie’s career has blossomed appearing in numerous television series including True Blood, Bones, Burn Notice, CSI and many others. Recent film credits include Joyride, Sushi Girl, Knifepoint, Macgruber and The Affair. He is married to actress Angela Little whom he met on the series The Mullets.

Finding Hope the Movie - D. Kevin KellyShark (D. Kevin Kelly): A cruel and opportunistic entrepreneur, Shark is mid-level management in a lucrative national sex-trafficking operation. A modern-day "Fagin," Shark prides himself on turning runaways into profitable prostitutes or pimps. Riley’s his latest protégé. When Esmee walks into one of Shark’s "territories, she is fair game.

D. Kevin Kelly received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance from Santa Clara University. He started acting at age 11 on the stage in The Return of Peter Pan. He’s been acting ever since, becoming a founding member of the Renegade Theatre Experiment in San Jose and after appearing as a zombie in Awaken the Dead, finding success in both commercials and television.

Finding Hope the Movie - Kyle SlabotskyRiley Banks (Kyle Slabotsky): A runaway, after several years, Riley’s figured out how to survive on the streets, and he’s about to move up in the ranks of the sex-trafficking game. His first assignment: bring in new product for a high-paying client impatiently waiting in NYC.

Kyle Slabotsky is a Texas native that went right from high school graduation to creating a wave of quality acting work both in television, Friday Night Lights and independent feature films like Collide and God Boy. He co-produced and starred in the web series, Apartment 157 and is scheduled for some upcoming TV guest roles. When not training in acting workshops in Los Angeles, he plays his guitar.

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